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Aug 31, 2009

Information Technology: Tracking the Evolution of Oncology Drug Prescribing

Pharmaceutical Commerce

By Angelo DePalma, PhD, August 2009

A fast-growing market supports more, and more comprehensive, data services

Do you know what your cancer drug is up to? Answering that question is not as simple as for medicines taken by well-defined patient groups, or principally for one disease. Yet among drug classes oncology treatments hold a unique position: A frightening disease of immense scientific interest, hundreds of pipeline drugs and nearly as many protocols for single and combination treatments, a complex distribution and reimbursement, and—as information service companies tell us—unprecedented opportunities for those with the right data…

IntrinsiQ's customers include twenty-eight of the world's thirty top pharmaceutical companies, according to Julie Moloney, director of client services, plus smaller firms. Each information package is tailored to the customer's needs because "not every company looks at the market the same way," Moloney says. "They're not only looking at their own drug, but those of competitors." That, says Moloney, distinguishes IntrinsiQ’s data sets from raw sales printouts. "We can tell them when, where, and how a drug is being used, on what kind of tumor, what stage of the disease, in which line of therapy, and how much drug was administered to individual patients."

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