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Dec 15, 2010

Approaching the Clinical Pathways Movement With an Objective Eye and the Potential for Improvement in End-of-Life Care.: The economic burden of oncology therapies on the U.S. healthcare system is undisputable, topping $19 billion in 2008 and projected to rise at alarming rates well into the future.

Managed Care Oncology Q4 2010

By Jeff Forringer, President, IntrinsiQ, LLC

One area of increasing expenditures being targeted by payors with cost saving interventions is that of late stage treatment, where patients often gain little in the way of survival and even experience diminished quality of life and increased adverse events as a result of unnecessary aggressive therapy. According to current data from IntrinsiQ, 12 to 13% of patients with breast cancer are on their fourth-line-plus, representing approximately $545 million of the total $3.6 billion market for breast cancer therapies.2

Similarly, 13% of patients and 14% of dollars in non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) are spent on fourth-line-plus therapy, representing $370 million of a $2.7 billion market.2 Most notably, 16% of patients and 20% of dollars in colorectal cancer are devoted to fourth- line-plus therapy, or $500 million of the $2.5 billion market.2

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