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Raoul Ramirez Joins IntrinsiQ Tendler as Vice President

Pharmaceutical Market Research Veteran Will Meet Strong, Rising Demand for Research Firm’s Unique Insights

MONTREAL, Canada (Sep 08, 2010) IntrinsiQ Tendler, a preferred market research firm to Canada’s top pharmaceutical companies, today announced that Raoul Ramirez joins the company as vice president to ensure continued high quality research during strong growth. The firm has signed more than a dozen new client engagements in the past 90 days.

Unrivaled Expertise & Oncology Market Complexity Fuels Growth
IntrinsiQ Tendler runs two of the most respected omnibuses in Canada in their respective categories: TendlerView HIV and TendlerView Oncology. IntrinsiQ Tendler’s combined expertise with parent company IntrinsiQ creates the largest and deepest source of oncology information across North America, unrivaled by any other market research provider.

IntrinsiQ Tendler omnibus participants are pre-recruited and validated so that pharmaceutical-sponsored surveys are highly accurate and quickly conducted, and the strategies they shape maximize profits in increasingly competitive markets.

“Oncology is projected to become the #1 therapeutic category in the pharmaceutical industry in the next few years,” said Jeff Forringer, CEO of IntrinsiQ.  “We have the deepest resources and strongest track record of accurate market research to help R&D, clinical trial and marketing teams capitalize on this market opportunity.”

The Tendler Group was founded in 2001 and acquired by IntrinsiQ, LLC in 2007. Since its founding, the firm has provided the Canadian pharmaceutical industry with an unparalleled level of expertise in custom market research and strategic marketing insight across the product life cycle. IntrinsiQ Tendler consistently pinpoints emerging trends and opportunities for the largest brands in Canada as well as specialty products in a wide range of therapeutic markets.

IntrinsiQ is the leading provider of oncology data in the U.S. Its real-world, real-time record of drug administrations being given to nearly 20,000 individual patients each month reveals how physicians truly treat cancer.  


About IntrinsiQ
IntrinsiQ, LLC is the leading provider of medical oncology clinical information systems and the premier source of US oncology data and analysis.  Each month, IntrinsiQ’s clinical software application, IntelliDose®, captures the treatment decisions and details from more than 750 oncologists, for nearly 20,000 patients, creating a database unrivaled in accuracy, detail and timeliness of information about the medical oncology care process.  IntelliDose ensures patient safety though automation and standards designed to meet the needs of a specific practice, saving staff time, maximizing reimbursement and reducing operating costs.  IntelliDose interfaces with leading EMR and hospital information systems, extending existing or planned technology investments to include cancer patient management. For more information, visit

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