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IntelliDose Launches IntelliScribe

ePrescribe Solution Focuses on Chemotherapy Order Workflow

WALTHAM, Mass (Mar 02, 2010) IntelliDose®, a leading clinical software to manage medical oncology practices, today introduces IntelliScribe™ – a new, fully integrated module in the IntelliDose workflow – to electronically generate prescriptions at any point in the chemotherapy order writing process. IntelliScribe incorporates RelayHealth's eScript™ to enable physicians to electronically file chemotherapy medication orders for the patient's entire treatment regimen.

IntelliScribe works in tandem with IntelliDose to handle the prescriptions built into complex chemotherapy drug orders. Caregivers can electronically prescribe every aspect of a patient's treatment – including pre-medications, intravenous chemotherapy doses, as well as take-home supportive medications, like antiemetics – in one seamless step. They can also specify oral chemotherapy as primary treatment or in combination with infused medications. Prescription information is automatically updated in the IntelliDose patient record.

Available in early 2010, IntelliScribe:

  • Improves the efficiency of ordering all of the drugs around chemotherapy treatment
  • Launches automatically from chemotherapy orders within IntelliDose workflow
  • Allows users to submit prescriptions at any point during order review; before the patient arrives; while writing orders; or ready to send home with the patient
  • Creates a complete, detailed record of the entire drug regimen

IntelliScribe complements existing e-prescribing solutions enabling any medications associated with the patient's chemotherapy treatment to be prescribed directly from IntelliDose orders. At the same time, all prescription detail is seamlessly shared with any existing e-prescribing solution. For medical oncology practices that do not have e-prescribing, IntelliScribe can meet all prescription writing needs.

"After extensive evaluation, RelayHealth emerged as the leading e-prescribing connectivity solution available to integrate with IntelliDose because of its superior Software-as-a-Service workflow integration components," said Andrew Scott, director of product management, IntelliDose, a division of IntrinsiQ, LLC. "We spent time both evaluating ePrescribe applications and designing the IntelliScribe integration to provide a unique solution that fits into the complex workflow of an oncology practice."

IntelliScribe allows oncology practices to meet compliance mandates of Medicare E-Prescribing (E-Rx) Incentive Program. The Federal Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act of 2008 (MIPPA) rewards doctors who e-prescribe for Medicare patients in 2009 and 2010 with a 2 percent bonus based on their Medicare revenue. By 2012, physicians who don't e-prescribe will incur penalties.

IntelliDose, IntrinsiQ's flagship clinical software, transforms the manual process of chemotherapy regimen calculations into electronically verified orders. It allows oncology practices to standardize cancer treatment pathways, and ensure the highest levels of patient safety and efficiency practice-wide. It also eliminates the high costs and potential for error associated with hand-written orders.

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