Medicare Temporarily Abandons Penalty for

Negative comments on a CMS proposed measure penalizing doctors for ordering specific antigen tests to screen for prostate cancer prompted the organization to temporarily abandon the proposal. Urologists and others, including the American Urological Association, lobbied against the proposal.

The CMS update of March 24th reads:

As a result of public comment, CMS has temporarily suspended development of the draft measure “Non­Recommended Prostate­Specific Antigen (PSA)­Based Screening”. CMS will continue to solicit input from multiple stakeholders, including specialty societies, to determine whether a re­structured appropriate use PSA measure should be developed. If CMS determines that a different measure should be developed, any new proposed measure would be sent to the Measures Application Partnership again for its review. CMS will continue to evaluate appropriate use measure concepts to address overuse and patient safety on prostate cancer screening, as well as additional measure gap areas.

A recent article in Becker's ASC Review summarizes the proposal.

Posted by | 8/3/2017 3:29:44 PM