Practicing Physician

As a physician in your practice, do you have the opportunities and tools needed to provide the best possible care for your patients? With IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions’ patient intelligence dashboards and reports, you can see benchmark data for specific diagnoses, allowing you to consider all potential treatment options based on your patient’s same characteristics. You will be able to analyze and compare treatment regimens, drug usage and adherence to established treatment guidelines. There are also clinical analytics designed for specific medical specialties.

Tasked with your practice clinicians providing appropriate care and managing their patients’ outcomes, the tools can help track patient progression through multiple lines of therapy, including analysis of treatment pathways, therapy duration, time to progression and cumulative drug exposure.

With IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions’ experience providing technologies to specialty practices, you will have a trusted partner whose customer service teams are willing to help empower you for smarter specialty care and practice performance. Our practice performance solutions and integrated patient care intelligence aggregate clinical, financial and operational data to empower smarter specialty care. We help you improve financial performance, increase operational effectiveness and enhance the quality of patient care, empowering your success for better patient outcomes.