Practice Administrator

As a practice administrator, you are charged with ensuring that the practice operates efficiently and effectively, all while your clinicians are providing the best in patient care. To do that, you need the right tools with the actionable intelligence to help you make those data-driven decisions. The information available from reporting tools to manage drug inventory or identify revenue opportunities or improvements with contracts will help you maximize your operational efficiency.

IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions has years of experience in specialty care and understands that a practice not only needs specialty EHR/EMR solutions and inventory management systems but also solutions and guidance to help you with revenue cycle, coding, HR compliance and regulatory insights. It’s that strategic guidance that will help maximize your technology and analytics investments.

Navigating the complexities in specialty care requires accurate, actionable intelligence to focus on what matters most: taking the best care of your patients and continuing to ensure a viable practice. As your specialty care intelligence partner, IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions provides strategic guidance to maximize your analytics and technology investment and expand your knowledge about critical issues that impact practice performance, from regulatory and market dynamics to improving efficiency and productivity. It’s that strategic guidance which allows you to go beyond raw data to help make decisions based on years of specialty care insight.

Powered by our specialty-focused practice performance solutions, we aggregate clinical, financial and operational data for the visibility you need to enhance clinical workflow and practice operations. Our smart integration equips you to quickly make data-driven decisions by easily analyzing your practice data while benchmarking against peers for productivity and targeting your marketing efforts.

We help you improve financial performance, increase operational effectiveness and enhance quality of patient care, all to empower your practice’s success - for your patients.