EMR Users

Specialty clinicians understand the importance of having tools designed specifically for their use. Electronic medical records (EMR) created for general medical practices may not have the fields you need – like fields for active surveillance of a urology patient or specific tools to help with new required reporting. Benefits like specific content help to improve productivity and efficiency among your staff – leading to improved patient care, by providing better access to information.

As a specialty healthcare provider, you also need to regularly communicate within your practice and with referring physicians to maintain the continuum of care. Specific features of the EMR can track your communications with other physicians and clinicians.

Enhance your clinical workflow and practice operations for improved efficiency and productivity through the practice performance software.

IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions has a dedicated team to help you with your EMR, guiding your team through any feature on the intuitive technology. We can provide your practice with easy-to-use dashboards and reports to help you view significant clinical metrics about your practice, compare your practice/providers to your peers, benchmark your practice adherence to clinical guidelines and identify patients that might be candidates for specific tests, therapies or clinical trials.

It’s that understanding that with your unique needs, every efficiency and insight will empower smarter specialty care.